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This guy. (buttbutt22)

2007-12-09 00:43:47 by GrysonOC

So he was like, being insulting. He said like..."you listen to it, yourself! did you build the mic?" And i was like, "What?" and then he was all like, "just listen to it its all static-y" and then I was like, "Maybe its supposed to be like that?" But then he was like "I can try to see what it sounds like without the static, if you want me to."

Is it just me, or was he tryng to insult me? Because he was fighting with me and blocked me because he was angry that I was taking offense to it. Then he said my music sucked after I told him to stop wasting my time with his shitty pseudo insults. I mean, you would of done the same right?


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2007-12-10 11:51:38

buttbutt22 is nothing but a troll. Isn't he the one that submits fart sounds to the audio portal? Just ignore him maybe even block him from PMing you, and yea I would've done the same thing.


2007-12-10 19:20:05

Spelled insult wrong

GrysonOC responds:

O.O So I did.